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8962 e file Form: What You Should Know

In a rejected electronic return, there are no entries in the fields listed in  1094-L. IRS may reject your e-file based on any number of factors such as: Your return does not meet the information requirements If an entry is missing on one return, it's missing for all or portions of other returns As long as you do not have multiple returns (which does often happen in a small business) the IRS may accept your e-filed return. How to file Form 8962 — IRS Oct 31, 2023 — Form 8962 will be issued on October 31, 2018. It will be used to compute and take the PTC for the year to come.  To calculate the PTC, enter the 1095-A data;  Pay the premium tax credit. You pay a cash payment or a refund when you file. You either have to pay the premium tax credit or a fee. Check with your business to find out who will pay. Some people will pay the tax credit if the owner has high deductible health insurance plans or their child or parent has a high deductible health plan. The owner will pay the PTC for the child or parent.  How APC's work. APC's are calculated and taken for the year to the right. You either have to pay the premium tax credit or a fee. It all depends on the plan on which you are having health insurance. If you have a high deductible plan, you pay the premium tax credit for 2018. If you have a low deductible plan, you pay the premium tax credit for the year to the end of life of your insured (within 12 months). The APC amount varies from year to year and can be on the following forms. The most common, and the form you will see most often, are: Premium Tax Credit — IRS. Premium Tax Credit — eFile.com E-file will reject any return that does not include Form 8962. IRS will not accept the return without the missing Form 8962 data. Form 8917 Form 8917 is a separate form that is issued and is filed separately every year. Form 8917 allows employers to exclude from income the premium tax credit for the period 2023 through 2023 if the employer maintains qualified health insurance coverage or a similar coverage plan. Qualified health insurance coverage is a minimum requirement for an exemption. This exemption is not available for self-employed individuals.

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FAQ - Form 8962 e file

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