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Can I file married/separately if I'm paying back all premium tax credits?
A2A.I'm not going to go into the wisdom of whether or not you should file jointly or separately and limit myself to the question that you asked.Yes, you and your spouse can choose to file separate returns. Under those circumstances, even if you were not income-limited you would have to pay back the entire credit, which is not available to MFS taxpayers.If you were both covered under a qualified health plan, each of you is allocated 50% of the payback. If only one of you was covered, the entire amount of the payback goes on that person’s separate return. The detailed Instructions for Form 8962 (2021) spell out exactly how the payback is computed.
Last year, I didn't make the minimum required to have ObamaCare ($12K); will they eventually charge me for all insurance bills full price of 2021?
I assume you received premium subsidies for an exchange policy in 2021. with an estimated annual income that put you into the subsidy range, but your real income fell short of the subsidy range. Now you are worried you will retroactively lose the insurance coverage you had or have to repay the subsidies you received?Good news, nobody will come after you for all of your insurance bills. Bad news, you may have to repay a small portion of the subsidies you received - but not all of them.First off, having received premium tax credits for 2021 makes it mandatory for you to file a 2021 federal income tax return, regardless of your income. If you haven’t already, you should do that before you get into trouble.In addition to the standard 1040 tax form, you will file form 8962 ( to reconcile the advanced premium tax credits (“subsidies”) you received with the real amount of premium tax credits you are entitled to.If you earned below 100% of the poverty line and you are a US citizen, you were not entitled to any premium-tax credits. (Non-citizens below the poverty line often do qualify for premium tax credits if they are ineligible for Medicaid.)Fortunately, there’s a repayment limit that’s tied to your income. If your income was below 200% of the federal poverty line, you will have to repay at most $300 (single filer) or $600 (everyone else) for the year. That’s explained in the instructions for form 8962 (table 5 on page 14): luck?
How can I stop being confused with my life?
Write your dreams down and analyze them. You are your own best psychologist. Your dreams (and nightmares) are a wonderful mystery (wake-up call) that is yours to unravel. Remove confusing clutter from your life, particularly propaganda, psychoactive drugs and divisive material. Focus on positivity. The psychoactive drugs are impeded you from unraveling the mystery of who you truly are…..who you must unravel. Watch videos that increase self awareness, enhance abundance and lead to creating your own pleasant reality. Unbrainwash yourself from the programming that has been implemented on you by the media, government and corporations. Spend time in nature and sunlight. Listen to positive life-affirming melodic music. Increase your level of overall knowledge. Read the classics. Avoid 21st century pitfalls and dead ends that lead to selfish behaviors. Make love instead of having sex. Help heal others with positive messages and kindness. The world is wide open for you if you want it. Its up to each of us to steer clear of negative things and attributes that cloud our being. Be your own strange attractor. Work for peace, love and understanding. Avoid arguments, but seek understanding. Cut your cable and only watch online material that is beneficial to human understanding, awareness and consciousness. Take nice trips to relax and see the world, even if they are short ones. Help others, and mean it when you do. Seek truth. Be against war. Avoid politics. Conduct exercise and put good foods in your body that lead to good blood flow with lots of oxygen going to your brain. Learn about your body, the pineal gland and the endocrine system. Understand you are on a journey……and its likely a spiritual one. Choose your own path. Find your own truth. Get massages. Take baths. Stretch. Relax. Breathe. Smile. Take good care of yourself. Everything is connected.